Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020

Are you tired of mindless gem crushing and bird flinging? Well, today we have a number of games that will make better use of your brain during your next gaming session.
Here are some of the best strategy games for Android and iOS. And we start with the roll total war barbarian invasion.
Total war is one of the most popular strategy game franchises, and fans of the game can enjoy the familiar gameplay on their phones without sacrificing much, of course, the smaller display does make positioning your armies on the battlefield more challenging but that’s nothing an experienced commander can to deal with. The game will cost you 5 bucks but for the quality and gameplay depth that you’re getting with it, it’s worth the price.
Next up is grow umpires Romans, another wrong team strategy game, but this one is not only free but also much more lighthearted with its cartoonish visuals gameplay can be best described as a combination of tower defense and tower offense. You have to defend your capital from invaders but you can also conquer other towns to gain more resources. Unfortunately, as with most other free mobile games there are some premium currencies involved, it can be purchased with real money but even without them, you’ll be able to slowly grow your empire.
Number three we have civilization 6, another well-known name in the strategy genre. As usual, you start with a small town thousands of years before Christ and set on a journey through the ages until you build a modern-day in the megapolis. The game might be too complex for the casual gamer but fans of the franchise will be glad to see the mobile version is as close as possible to his desktop variant. If you find yourself with hours to kill, civilization 6 will make them pass in a breeze. Unfortunately, Civ 6 is iOS only for now.
Next up we’ve got war commander rogue assault or Commander. The game is set in a more modern environment where you’re tasked with completing various missions with your force of elite specialists. You can train units, purchase enough great vehicles and expand your base, the graphics are a bit retro but the game is entered lest the next strategy game you should try is age of ottoman speaking of graphics age of ottoman won’t value with its visuals at least they provide plenty of entertainment, combined with the voice acting the game is good.
Another game who I loved playing is dawn of titans strategy game dawn of titans is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Age of Ottomans, the graphics are impressive for a smartphone title, and not only do you get to control legions of units, but you also have a Titan on your side equipped with unique skills and abilities. There are many aspects to this game including developing your town and keeping an eye on what other players near you are up to.

Top 10 Best iPhone Games you must play in 2020 part three

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Next up we have NBA 2k 20. The mobile game features a nice mix of different game modes and ways to play without arbitrary limitations are free to place on Anakin’s. The most prominent mode is called my career which lets you take your created player through a full NBA career starting out as an unrooted college player looking to raise your stock ahead at the draft. Overall it’s the best basketball game out there for mobile, six to shoot Wow here’s Leonard defense right on him he’s got so much junk in his trunk he’ll find a way to hurt you. Well, doors an interesting game coach frank Vogel what do you have to say back to green.
Next up we have MotoGP 19. MotoGP 19 once again walks the tightrope almost perfectly, hardcore fans of the sport are going to find themselves engrossed with the details, while casual players can still hop right in and have some fun. If last year was the overhaul, MotoGP 19 offers the additions that make the bump in the road feel worth it.
Next up we have odd Mar. Now I played odd Mar on iOS for some time but I had no idea it already came out in Android 2 so for those people who haven’t played it here, you control the enormous spike in protagonist a surface little oath who is pressed into duty when his entire village disappears he is granted a mystical power by the forest creatures that allows him to jump around by throwing down mushrooms, but in exchange he has to also save the Great forest from evil creatures. All in all the graphics are great and the gameplay is amazing and it’s a good game to play.
Next up we have our dia. Dia is one of the better games to take on the mantle of slingshotting games and thankfully a free-to-play version has landed on the Play Store all you have to do with slingshot your way from one end of the stage to another but of course once you make it to some of the later levels you better believe that you’ll have to contend with more than one of few obstacles, as you navigate your way through your goal.

Top 10 Best iPhone Games you must play in 2020 part two

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Next up we have dead cells. Dead cells is really fun, it’s actually one of the best games I’ve played this year. The art is beautiful, the gameplay is smooth challenging and rewards put practice and patience. The soundtrack is superb, and rewarding exploration with story is something I quite enjoy.

The controls are precise and easy to pick up and it doesn’t take much time to learn how an enemy attacks, but it is hard to maintain composure and stick to your plan when the game throws a larger number of mobs at you.

Next up we have Mario Kart isn’t surprising in how it plays it features many of the carts characters and racetracks seen in Mario Kart 8 but it does strip down mechanics and controls to suit touchscreen devices.

As far as control goes you need only to swipe left to right on the screen, to stare and drift you swipe up and down, to throw items ahead or behind you, and you can also touch the screen to get a boost of the starting line but otherwise the accelerator is pressed on automatically.
Next up we have Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where you take over your late grandpa’s old farm. You will need to plant and harvest crops spend time fishing chat, give gifts to villagers and work your way through the fields.

Most actions can be done with the tap the music is crisp and clean and the graphics are just as bright and beautiful as ever you won’t even notice how much time flies when you’re playing this and how much fun you’re having along the way.
Next up we have Retro City Rampage DX the setup here is very similar to Grand Theft Auto as you either go on missions for various shady characters like with the main guy you’re working for, you can advance the story with him, complete missions for others, or just run around town and blow stuff up.

What makes Retro City Rampage so impressive is the way that it really nails the whole grant of our experience while being more compact.

Top 10 Best iPhone Games you must play in 2020

Welcome to an episode of the best iPhone games in 2020.

I’ve compiled a list of best games of 2019 to get you going through 2020. First up we have Call of Duty mobile, I can state with ease that Call of Duty mobile is one of the best shooter games made for phones, in fact, it might even be one of the best all-time games ever made for phones.

This game opens up just like any other New Age mobile game would, with regular rewards for logging in and rewards for being amongst the first players of the game. Premium past monetization for those who wish to play with more intent and so on it combines this with classic Call of Duty card classification weapons and gear mods and, most importantly some of the most iconic see OD maps. It further combines with capelin mechanics that focus on the realism of elements such as closeness to bullets and gun recoil along with New Age technology such as augmented reality cursor scope and the edit controller for drone strikes at your disposal.

Next up we have the gardens between. Gardens between is a story of Ariana and a friend who fall into a series of violent gardens with various objects from their childhood scattered about. Both of them will uncover various memories from the past and more through stunning visuals and nice puzzles you can influence each other’s actions but can’t directly control their movement through the world.

They ventured through is full of creative touches and small magical moments. The two characters on every moment from the way they subtly peep at one another while crossing pads to the adorable gestures they used to point out helpful objects in the distance and their body language Clues you into their special bond.

It may only take two to three hours to see everything the gardens between has to offer, but the warm and fuzzy feelings from start to finish ensure that your memories are playing it will live on.

Best city building games to play in 2020 part four

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If a tourist needs it you’ll need to build it and just like in any other city some natural disasters arrive to test your abilities to weather.

Well, weather accepts in other building games you don’t need to deal with a second boat of prehistoric natural disasters making their way around your park on to claw clicking legs. Oops, sometimes the endless cash flow spreadsheets and resource management can get a little bit too much like a view of life Kathy don’t worry build understands you it knows that when you want to construct a city or a farm or a castle you might want to do just that and not worry about exactly how much wood door smelted iron ore souls you need the pc version of the aptly titled pocket build.

This isn’t a city sim in the purest sense instead it’s an enormous sandbox of bits hundreds of items to clip together to make a fully functioning Township that just isn’t screaming at you to build a hospital before everyone dies and you can play cross-play between the mobile and PC versions of the game.

Relaxing, peaceful and without a single objective in sight build is pure construction and imagination. A perfect holiday from the demands of the rest of the world and hey even if you don’t stay for too long you know it’s always there just waiting for you to come back and just well done.

If there is one thing that some city building games struggle with its, personality but that’s just not an issue in tropical six this smart sunny Banana Republic building strategy game is like an eccentric signa are chomping autocrats one minute you’re laughing along with the zany presentation the next year rigging the vault so you can stay in power. It’s what the people want honestly we just don’t know it yet is a great place to start with the series because everything is scaled up.

Your authority now stretches across massive archipelagos and you can manage multiple islands and some previous well-loved features herbs will return such as the ability to make speeches for the promises you can’t keep insert your own like a real politician joke.

Here it’s a triumphant sequel to a brilliantly left-field series perfect for anyone who wants to vote nation is not just a teaser, the nomination so that’s the 10 best city building games you can play in 2020 on PC let us know if we’ve messed your go-to construction sim in the comments.

Best city building games to play in 2020 part three

Part two

Okay yes we know it’s on a lot of our lists but if you can think of a more evolved sprawling and satisfying city simulation game than cities skylines in 2019 please put it in the comments below it would be great to play something else for a change.

Anyway, you can learn a lot about someone when they’re put in charge of a town, can’t you whether they’ve got a passion, for a grid system where everything must be perfectly spaced or a strange obsession with concentric circles look at city skylines DLC options and this building sim is frankly unrivaled when it comes to upgrading your construction potential.

Sure there is natural disasters for when you get the inclination to direct a roland emmerich movie but this year alone we’ve had the games 8th big expansion as it branches out into university education the campus expansion lets you build huge learning hubs for knowledge-hungry students complete with football teams, cheerleaders and that customary packed room so it turns out that water worlds tale games are a little bit like buses, you go years whether a single floating city builder and then to come along at once just like flotsam buoyancy depends on your hunting down resources on the ocean wave in order to grow your floating tone.

But after spending your raft and watching those nice salvaging animations things get a little well different there’s the risk of fire for one thing lots of your constructions are labeled as potentially flammable and should someone spark up an illicit cigarettes everything will start to look a lot like this.

Let’s not talk about the watery irony flames aren’t your only problem though, while some survivors will happily join your floaty tone others are less willing, and it’s essential to build barracks to guard against floating pillagers when these oceanic wars and you can continue on your merry way oh and yes if you don’t think there’s enough food to support new survivors there’s always the option to make them lunch.

Enjoy you can try and see the Jurassic world evolution isn’t a city builder but you’re going to have to see it to the dinosaurs’ faces and if they refer you to me then I’m just going to tell you that this is my list and I can do what I want it airs further into management seven than any of the rest of the games in this video but frontiers ouessem with bite does require you to keep on top of, a fully functioning ecosystem hotels, gift shops restaurants you name it.

Best city building games to play in 2020 part two

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Whether you’re here to admire the sea monsters or just to become obsessive about freshwater production prepare to become officially obsessed let’s move away from the sea shall we, but not too far I don’t want you to get less beasts whiplash Islanders is the perfect combination of city builder and puzzler, sure you have to build farms buildings and windmills but instead of worrying about resources or cold hard cash, it’s all about positioning keep the right items apart and close together and you’ll earn enough points to fill that meter and unlock the next island and yes you could just randomly scatter your buildings but you’re not that kind of monster are you, the lovely minimalist yet brights art style means you’ll spend hours perfectly placing the most productive cities and who cares if you unlock the next island already you’re going to finish what you started darn it’s beautiful and fulfilling.

If you cut your teeth on SimCity 2000 back in the day you’ll feel right at home with the pixelated grid delights of fuel tone just look at it it’s like you’re gazing at your monitor from 1993, just try not to think about the face that was reflected back at you then me anyway the you tone is the full PC version of the Android game but without any of those pesky and app purchases and it might look simple but this has all the depth you want without any of the irritations of more complex city builders from power-hungry citizens to an incessant desire for better roads, the you tone is just as gently demanding as you’d hope and no it turns out that even a quarter of a century later you’ll never get sick of the satisfaction of watching water pipes thunk into place and mapping out perfectly blocky colorful zones all to watch your city slowly evolve.

With great towers come great responsibility and all that, looking for a true historical experience well if I know 1800 wasn’t far enough back through the mists of time for you dawn of man is a vote as early as you can get without building houses for dinosaurs which incidentally I’ll have world in a further entry Madruga works construct sum up is exactly what you’d expect from the title it’s your turn to take man from the Stone Age all the way to the iron age ten thousand years later, and of course, there’s plenty of blood, sweat and caveman tears to get there thanks to no one having invented delivery yet you’ll need to hunt for food and skins gather resources and forge weapons for it when the inevitably angry other humans arrive maybe it’s the whole start of mankind thing, but there’s definitely something satisfying about watching your tiny settlement roll into a self-sufficient miniature village complete with megalithic statues come on make it rob spawning or am I twenty years too late.

Best city building games to play in 2020

Get your construction hat on and your, resources at the ready it’s time for the 10 best city building games to play on PC in 2019, the foundations for the best city building games were laid years ago, with Sim City but thankfully game developers have been piling on the bricks ever since, know that the custom building analogy is out of the way we can talk about all the brilliant new city management games you can play right now yes there’s some old favorites news ICU cities skylines, but 2020 has brought a veritable raft of new experiences for us to try for sighs.

Make yourself comfortable in your godlike sky seat here are the 10 best city building games o play in 2020 it was one of the quieter 2019 releases back in April but, that doesn’t mean that annal 1800 isn’t one of the best reasons to get managing your resources and plotting out streets, whether you go for the full campaign, that means it’s also one of our best strategy games to play in 2020 or heads straight to the sandbox mode when it comes to historical building Sims and/or 1800 has you totally covered there is nothing like watching you town grow from mere shacks into a hub of the Industrial Revolution and the upgrading and building loop is only through eater of your time whether you’re sending out ships for new resources or just taking in the joys of your budding city from the new experimental first-person mode.

Annal 1800 is one of those building games that makes you feel like you’re constantly achieving something there’s always something else to be done but the advancements in tech and architecture mean that your city here truly moves with the times.

Ah, the sea life on the ocean wave doesn’t need to be old cries of yar or even me hearties in flotsam there doesn’t have to be any piracy at all just the salvaging of endless amounts of plastic and wood to craft yourself the ultimate floating metropolis.

Okay maybe t doesn’t quite earn the status of metropolis just yet but that’s enough storage sheds beds and boats for everyone to have food water and a place to catch some Z’s flotsam is only just an early access but it’s already easy to see that we’ll be waving goodbye to every time there’s something ludicrously satisfying about sending out your little drifters to salvage garbage bobbing on the surface and there are even new people to rescue from the scattered islands across the world.